Salary guide - architects and architecture

RIBA Jobs salary guide - January 2019

RIBA Jobs is the official job board of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and is unique in its ability to support the architecture profession.

The RIBA Jobs Salary Guide 2019 is based on insight from over 3,000 Chartered Practices published in the RIBA Business Benchmarking Survey Report, November 2018.

Staff salaries have increased, partly contributing towards the higher expenditure figures. In most cases salary rises have been ahead of inflation, suggesting practices are working hard to retain staff. Pay is also higher for Partners/Directors/Sole Principals, reversing last year’s fall, but the rise in pay is not universal. In some practices, specifically those with between 10 and <100 staff, the pay for Partners/Directors/Sole Principals fell compared with last year.

Average salaries for all staff types are higher this year. Most staff groups’ average salaries have grown by more than inflation. Associates’ and Architects’ salaries are 3 per cent higher; technologists are up by 5 per cent. The highest annual increase is reserved for office management and administrative staff; their average salary is 12 per cent higher this year than last.


Average salary of all staff



Map showing average senior staff earnings by region




Tables showing average salaries of senior staff split by practice size



Table showing average salaries of Associates and Architects 5+ ARB split by practice size



Table showing average salaries of Architects <5 ARB and Technologists split by practice size



Table showing average salaries of Assistants Part 2 and Assistants Part 1 split by practice size


Excerpts taken from the RIBA Business Benchmarking 2018 Report, prepared for the RIBA by The Fees Bureau.