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Private Tutor - Architecture - London, Cardiff, Newcastle or Lugano

Tutors International
Cardiff, Cardiff (Caerdydd)
£288,000 per annum
Closing date
25 Jun 2024

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We are seeking a highly qualified and excellent young professional architect, to provide academic support and mentorship to an ambitious architecture student preparing to commence her university studies. The Tutor will offer ongoing guidance throughout the student's undergraduate education, addressing academic inquiries, coursework challenges, and exam preparation. Additionally, the Tutor is expected to facilitate wider architectural education and internship opportunities either within their own practice or through prestigious architectural firms. The specific location of the job isn’t yet known, but will be London, Cardiff, Newcastle, or Lugano.


The young lady is an exceptionally motivated and focused student poised to begin her architectural studies, with a deep interest in merging the principles of engineering with architectural design. She has offers from four prestigious degree programs: Engineering & Architectural Design at University College London, Architectural Engineering at Cardiff University, Architecture at Newcastle University, and Università della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano. The confirmed location will be known when A level results are published in mid-August.

The student's passion for architecture began when she lived in the Philippines as a child and designed a house for her aunt. She continued to play with architecture and interior design on her iPad as she grew up. While she has been influenced by the aesthetics of large-scale architectural projects, such as those by Zaha Hadid, she is also driven to create beautiful spaces that are accessible to everyone. She is interested in recent advances in construction materials that reduce contributions to climate change without compromising aesthetics. The young lady also likes projects such as the Dutch Maasbommel amphibious housing and FLOAT House by Morphosis in New Orleans due to their affordability and unique adaptations to extreme local environmental challenges. She also likes the ethos of ‘people architecture’ which celebrates diversity and inclusion, ensuring that projects are perfectly suited to the communities they are designed to sit within. She admires work by firms such as NOA and Foster and Partners but also enjoys reading about cutting-edge projects worldwide.

Having been home-schooled for the past four years, the student has demonstrated academic excellence. She is expected to excel in her A levels, given her history of hard work and dedication to her studies. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, she is a well-rounded individual with varied interests that complement her academic goals. She is fluent in Italian and English, which not only enhances her communication skills but also broadens her cultural perspective. She is also engaged in creative activities; she enjoys art, painting, and playing the piano, all of which contribute to her comprehensive development as a creative thinker and innovator.

Physically active, the young lady is involved in several sports, with a particular interest in skiing, reflecting her dynamic and energetic personality. Her participation in sports also demonstrates her competitive spirit and her ability to balance multiple interests alongside her academic responsibilities.


The Tutor’s primary responsibility will be to provide continuous, specialised support to the student as she embarks on her architectural studies at the university level. The Tutor must be a recently qualified professional architect and ideally a member of the RIBA, actively working in the field. This professional background is crucial as it ensures that the Tutor is not only familiar with the current dynamics of architectural education but also possesses practical experience that can be directly applied to the student's academic challenges.

In addition to academic and professional qualifications, the ideal Tutor would have a stable home life, bringing a nurturing and home-care element to the role. A family-oriented approach can offer a stable and supportive environment conducive to learning, reflecting a home-like atmosphere that the young lady may find comforting and familiar. If the Tutor is a single individual, a female is preferred to ensure a comfortable and secure dynamic for the student, facilitating ease of communication and mentorship.

The Tutor will assist the student with a range of academic activities, including but not limited to understanding complex course materials, preparing for exams, and tackling specific coursework challenges. The role extends beyond the obvious academic support. The Tutor is expected to be a mentor and a guide, helping the student navigate the nuances of her architectural education, the broader architectural profession, and the challenges, opportunities, and distractions of university life.

Another part of the Tutor’s role will be to facilitate internships, either within their own architectural practice or by leveraging connections to secure placements in other prestigious architectural firms. This aspect of the role is vital for providing the young lady with hands-on, practical experience that complements her academic learning and prepares her for professional success.

Given the student's interests, it would be beneficial if the Tutor also shares a passion for art, painting, or music. Being able to connect with the student on these creative levels will enhance the tutoring relationship and provide a more holistic educational experience. In addition to skiing, she enjoys playing padel and doing yoga. She likes attending orchestral performances and visiting galleries. She also enjoys conversations during meals and would enjoy some tutoring sessions to take place around food, talking about architecture while cooking or over lunch. A Tutor who shares some of these passions would be able to foster a stronger mentor-student bond.

The Tutor should be prepared to offer substantial support and be available for frequent check-ins, ensuring that the young lady feels fully supported throughout her university journey. This role may require adjustments based on the student's academic and personal development needs, necessitating flexibility and adaptability in approach and scheduling.

The engagement will begin as the young lady starts her university term and is expected to continue throughout the entirety of her degree program, with potential extension if she pursues a master’s degree. The Tutor must be committed to a long-term role, ideally being capable of following through her entire academic journey at the university level.


The Tutor is expected to maintain a flexible schedule that accommodates the student's academic needs, particularly as they evolve over the course of her university education. This role requires availability for frequent check-ins and support during key academic periods such as midterms, finals, and during major project deadlines. The Tutor's weekly commitment will be tailored to fit around the student's university timetable and study requirements, ensuring that support is available when most needed.

The Tutor will receive a minimum of 9 weeks of holiday per annum. These breaks will be scheduled in consultation with the student and her academic calendar to ensure continuity of support throughout the university term. The Tutor should expect to work through traditional holiday periods if they coincide with critical academic times, with alternative time off provided during quieter periods.

No housing is provided for the Tutor in this role because it is expected that the successful candidate is already a professional architect residing in the city that the student will study. 

There might reasonably be some travel with the young lady to take her to appropriate site visits, conferences, and other course related extension educational events. During travel, the Client will ensure the Tutor has private accommodation. All expenses will be covered for such trips, but the costs will need to be agreed in advance with the Company.


The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position and must have been raised in a socially appropriate background. They will not only be an excellent practitioner, but also a good role model: educated and polished, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor must be a fit, healthy and a non-smoker.

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