Baca Architects

Unit 1, 199 Long Lane

Established in 2003 by Robert Barker and Richard Coutts, Baca Architects combine international award winning research and development with an integrated approach to masterplanning and architecture. Working on cutting edge research and development allows our team to constantly deliver a world-class service for our clients and their users. 

Just as the motorcar shaped towns in the twentieth century, water will transform our communities in the twenty-first century. The practice’s work continually asks: Can we live with water? How might water reshape our towns and countryside? What will water centric towns look like? And how might they transform our society for the better? 

Now in its thirteenth year of practice Baca Architects has delivered numerous innovative and award winning projects across a range of sectors and scales in the UK and abroad. The practice has established an internationally respected core specialism in waterfront and water architecture with the office’s first book on the subject, Aquatecture to be published in February 2016 by RIBA Publishing.


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