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  • Recruit your next candidate with RIBA Jobs

    Why RIBA Jobs work for recruiters

    • 7 Jun 2024
    • Natalie Hamilton-Martin

    Reach candidates you haven’t “met” yet.

  • Why increasing diversity starts with better job adverts

    • 13 Nov 2023
    • Denise Chevin MBE. Robbie Turner, Director of Inclusion and Diversity of RIBA. Amanda Winslade, RIBA Business Manager.

    Robbie Turner, Director of Inclusion and Diversity at the RIBA, and Amanda Winslade, RIBA Business Manager, offer employers advice on broadening the appeal of their job adverts.

  • Small practice recruitment

    Attracting talent for small practices

    • 25 Sep 2019
    • Pamela Buxton

    Here are our top tips to help you attract and recruit the best people in the architectural market when you have a small practice. Review the kind of candidate you want. Develop your company culture. Clearly define the job role. Specifically, target potential candidates. Be upfront about salary.

  • What it takes to secure your first job

    • 10 Jan 2024
    • RIBA Jobs

    RIBA Jobs offers some do’s and don’ts for Part 1 architectural assistants looking to land their dream role.

  • 7 design tips from architects for compiling your Part 1 portfolio

    • 3 Mar 2020

    Úna Breathnach HIfearnáin, Senior Urban Designer at McGregor Coxall, and Angela Dapper, Principal at Grimshaw give their design tips for compiling your Part 1 portfolio

  • How to nail that interview

    • 7 Jan 2019
    • Pamela Buxton

    How to impress at an interview and get hired.

  • How to read a CV

    • 10 Dec 2018

    How can recruiters and prospective employers efficiently read through a CV to find what they are really looking for?

  • How to write your CV

    • 10 Dec 2018

    Advice for job seekers looking to write their CV.

  • How to analyse a covering letter

    • 5 Nov 2018
    • Pamela Buxton

    How can recruiters or prospective employers get the most insight out of a covering letter?

  • Writing a successful covering letter

    • 5 Nov 2018
    • Pamela Buxton

    How to write a successful covering letter to a prospective employer.