How to prepare for your first job in an architectural practice?

Published on: 23 Sep 2020

Rupesh Vara, Sales Manager at RIBA Jobs shares insights for students on how to prepare when you are job-seeking. Rupesh covers tips on preparing your CV and portfolio as well as getting ready for interviews.

The video also provides guidance and advice from practices advising on key skills they look for in potential candidates. 

Mark Kemp, Director of Place Architects, shares what he looks for in a Part 1 student placement:

"I want to see evidence of growth and motivation between projects, to know what different questions are presented in the different levels. Listening skills and comprehension are more valuable than detailed knowledge of building regulations and planning laws."

Helen Taylor, Director of Practice at Scott Brownrigg looks for "ambitious Part 1's who are determined, inquisitive and with a great passion for design."

Watch the full video to gain more insights and learn how to prepare for a job in an architectural practice.

For more advice and information about studying architecture and getting your Part 1 and Part 2 qualifications, check out RIBA Future Architects, a network and community for emerging architects.

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