Becoming an architect

Published on: 21 Jan 2016

Thinking of becoming an architect? Qualifying typically involves five years at university and completing a minimum of two years’ practical experience.

The Royal Institute of British Architects is committed to supporting students by helping them develop towards becoming fully-qualified architects and has devoted a whole section on its main website to giving practical advice. You can link to it here.

The typical route to qualification includes:

  • RIBA Part 1
  • Stage 1 practical experience/year out
  • RIBA Part 2
  • Stage 2 practical experience
  • RIBA Part 3
  • Architect

You can find more information about each stage by clicking on RIBA’s main website at this link.

The RIBA also sets out:

  • Alternative routes to Qualification. More. . . 
  • Details of support offered the RIBA. More. . .
  • Information on the likely costs related to taking a degree in architecture. More. . .

It is also worth noting that following changes in the structure of architectural education across the EU from November 2013, the RIBA has been working with UK schools of architecture to develop a professional qualification that allows greater flexibility and student support.

Changes to the current system could be in place from September 2018. For more information, please visit the RIBA Education Review webpage.